Selecting the Best Paella Pan to Buy

Selecting the Best Paella Pan to Buy

paella_panA paella pan is a great addition to your kitchen. This is so because it offers a big opportunity for you to prepare a delicious meal with ease and at the same time fast for a large family. The challenge will be to select the best paella pan to purchase. In the market, you will find various types of paella pans. You may even wonder why you must have a specific pan for cooking paella only. You still have got other options such as cooking it with a large regular saucepan. The difference largely lies in its construction.

There is authentic paella which has got a large surface area where a thin layer of rice lies across it. This implies that the said rice develops what is referred to as the socarrat. This means a very thin layer of crusty rice which is delicious on the pan’s base. Socarrat development is regarded as a vital component and it can be created with ease in the cooking vessel which has not been designed specifically to cook paella.

A paella pan can be used to create socarrat as discussed below.

In general, the pan is wider at the top than its bottom. This permits the rice to be spread thinly and at the same time allows the stock to have a good evaporation.

The socarrat is helped in its development with the pattern of indentations in the base of the authentic paella pan. Paella pans have got considerable features. There are various types of paella pans, such as the carbon steel pans which are made from carbon steel, stainless steel, enamel or copper coated steel. However, examples of carbon steel are the best selling and authentic paella pans.

As a result of  natural corrosion happening in the carbon steel, it is believed by some individuals that a paella pan made of carbon steel will offer a paella that has got a certain taste which cannot be replicated in any given pan. This kind of pan will require a certain kind of maintenance and care so as to prevent it from rusting. You can do this with the use of cooking oil where you will have to wipe it on the pan after you are done with cooking. If you are not convenient with this type, then you can go for the stainless steel.
You still have got another option in a copper pan, though they are quite expensive. You will find out that most individuals are unable to justify its price due to the little or no benefit they get from the end product. Also, enamel pans can be a good choice, though it does not provide a well formed socarrat.